Tea party group weighs in on Chambliss-Norquist dispute | Political Insider

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Tea party group weighs in on Chambliss-Norquist dispute | Political Insider.

A polite word of warning for U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, just arrived from Julianne Thompson and Debbie Dooley of Atlanta Tea Party Patriots:

“We are very disappointed by Senator Chambliss’ statement that he no longer intends to honor the pledge he signed promising not to increase taxes. This is not about Grover Norquist. The pledge was to the citizens of Georgia and we strongly encourage him to continue to honor it and a commitment to a smaller federal government.

“We understand the dire situation we are facing as a nation, but we did not get into this economic crisis by giving tax deductions, or by cutting the tax rate. We are in this situation because of a bloated federal government spending…. And now, instead of concentrating on solving the problems that got us into this situation, many in Washington want to punish the American people with higher tax rates instead of taking responsibility for what got us here in the first place.

“Senator Chambliss has always been accessible, and we are pleased to have open dialogue with him. We look forward to speaking with him regarding this situation and we are committed to working with elected leaders to finding solutions.

“We thank him for the great leadership he is showing with regard to the Benghazi investigation and hearings, and we encourage him to continue to work for the people of Georgia with the same strong leadership regarding our economic crisis by NOT raising our taxes, and by realizing we are not taxed to little, we are spending too much.”

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider