Senator Josh McKoon: What it takes for authentic ethics reform | Atlanta Forward |

Posted January 28, 2013 7:40 am by

Our governor, Nathan Deal, summed up the challenge that faces us on adopting ethics reform in his State of the State Address. He said we “can build the strongest foundations … upon which our state government will rest; but if the citizens of Georgia don’t trust us, it will all be in vain… .”
Leaders in our state have taken steps toward ethical governance. Gov. Deal implemented a $25 gift cap to set a standard for ethical behavior in government.


The new Senate president pro tempore, David Shafer, sponsored a $50 gift cap as a floor leader for Gov. Sonny Perdue and co-sponsored my comprehensive ethics legislation. Shafer, together with Senate leadership and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, proposed a gift limit rule that was adopted by the Senate on the first day of the legislative session.


We have the leadership necessary to tackle this challenge. It is now a matter of prioritizing reforms and agreeing on these and other ethics measures. If we succeed, the trust built with the public will allow us to confront the public policy challenges ahead.